This center started its activity in ۲۰۱۶ with the help of Dr.eyyed mohammad hossein ayat allahi,a member of academic faculty of  University of Yazd. And on the date ۲۰۱۸/۰۹/۰۲ by receiving the approval in principle from the higher Education Development and Planning Council, it was promoted to the Windcather(badgir) International Reserarch Center       ,affiliated to University of Yazd.This center has two reaserch groups "Wind turbine technologhy" and "Wind turbine modernization and commercialization"

The goals of the above groups are to recognize and undrestand the consepts of  "ventilation"  and "windcather" in diffrent elements of builings and cities in order to revive them and also present contemporary examples in continuity with traditional solutions to reduse the cooling load in today's architecure and urban plannig. Among other important goals,we can point out the transfer of historical documentation of ventilator.

The facilities and equipment of the center include a library, workshop, laboratory, as well as a physical space established in the vast area of ​​the historical context of Yazd, which has all kinds of models of traditional houses and windmills for a deep understanding of past architectural technology by students and professors. With the benefit of university and non-university researchers, this center has the ability to participate in research projects and studies related to natural ventilation, as well as reducing cooling energy consumption in buildings and cities.

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